Beginner Guitar Chords-C major-C guitar chord

To start playing a song, there are seven basic beginner guitar chords, one of which is C major/C guitar chord. And scales in use are fundamental scales, the C major scale. There are so many variations in the shape of guitar chords. But here we are going to study the shape of the easiest and simplest. Actually only with three guitar chords, we can already play many songs. But it is better if we learn it all.

Beginner Guitar Chords - C major/C guitar chord

C guitar chord
Place your first finger on the first fret on the second string. Now place your second finger on the second fret on the fourth string. And finally, put your third finger on the third fret on the fifth string. Keep all your left fingers curved, so it does not touch the strings that should not be touched. Now try to sound the all the strings in one beat, it is better if you use a pick. All strings should be heard together, not one at a time. For the learning process, keep only strum the bottom five strings. Do not hit the sixth string. Congratulations, now you have successfully played your first beginner guitar chord, C chord.

How to check C major/C guitar chord

Now let us check more closely. While your left finger is still in position C chord, try to play each string one at a time. At the start of the top string, the sixth string. Listen, whether each string sounds clearly. If not, check your left hand to know why it does not. Whether you press hard? Are there any of your fingers touch the string that should not be touched? Practice until all string can ring clearly. Keep practicing C major/C guitar chord, your first beginner guitar chord, and you will make progress, enjoy and have fun.

The symbol of the left hand finger


1. First finger
2. Second finger
3. Third finger
4. Fourth finger